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A Wiki Travel Guide

by JRoyale

2004-02-01 16:48:27 is unsurprisingly a Wiki that is focused on travel. It is also the latest venture for long time PDJ contributors, Mr. Bad and his very lovely wife-to-be, Maj. If you don't know what a Wiki is go here. If you don't know what a travel guide is go here. If you don't know what marriage is like go here.

Since it would be bad form for Mr. Bad to write up his own web site on the PDJ and since he no longer has keys to the building and because I'm his friend and even though he's completely abandoned the Pigdog Journal for Wikitravel, I feel it is my duty to post a link to his new site. Not that I'm expecting all that much, I mean if Walnut Creek is typical of the write ups they have for most cities, then I'd really concerned about the editorial direction that Wikitravel is taking

Still Wikitravel now has some 1000 points of light, or whatever they call them, although few of them are as compressive as Walnut Creek, so there is a chance however slight that you'll find some useful information on Wikitravel. But that is the great thing about a Wiki, you can help them grow their site and I happen to know that they are absolutely desperate for content. So if you know anything about places outside of your basement, they'd love your contribution. Hell, they'd probably even take stuff about your basement. The problem with the organically grown type of site is that I suspect it will take them a couple more years before they get some of the more mundane and podunk places like Downtown Manhattan filled out to the point where it is useful.

All in all, however, it is a spiffy looking site and we here (well, I'm not suppose to say "we", so just me and some of the other folks) are all hoping Mr. Bad and Maj succeed in their new venture. But not to worry, if it doesn't work out I'm sure we (errr, I mean me and some other folks) can find you guys place back on the PDJ staff, although you might have to start as interns or copyboys again.

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