Hot Babes in Peril!
2002-01-22 12:09:57

Net Flotsam
It is weird to feel normal
-- Sylvia


This is not a new link. It is an old link, in need of a little bit more support, folks. It's called "Are You Hot or Not?"

Really it is not hard to use. I rate women every day on whether they are hot or not. But the hits are down, and my deepest darkest fear is that it may go away altogether.

See, many people might say a site that rates people on their appearance is superficial, but this site is so not. Many people might say it just objectifies women, but really it depends on the women I guess. There are women who dress slovenly, or eat a lot of food and have bulging stomachs, or are grotesque in their appearance, or dye their hair in pink or some other unnatural colour, or stick their tongues out at the camera, or submit pictures that are blurry and obscure the daintier features. Blah! Who dates such women? Not me. It should come as no surprise to them that they get a low rating from moi!

Now those women who dress neat and comb their hair and apply make-up and don't dye their hair in pink or some other fluorescent color and wear pretty dresses and smile sweetly, those are the ones I go for. They all get 10's from me. I'm not a hard man to please, so I'm pretty generous with the high scores for the kind of women I'd date. I can imagine they all gather 'round in their nice girl place and giggle softly when my name is mentioned because I gave them the 10s they so richly deserve. They're affectionate, these 10's. I just know this, okay?

So I may not go out on a lot of dates, but Hot or Not allows me to look at pictures of pretty women. Like I said, I'm a pleasant fellow, but I can't get any dates with women, and I don't know why this is so. I dress neatly in the latest fashions and always have a smile pasted to my face and a joke or two for the ladies in the office where I work, and maybe even a flower for my heart's desire.

So the next best thing after dating is Am I Hot or Not which has plenty of pictures of hot women, alongside those that are maybe not so hot.

There are also men, if you are into guys. Personally I don't swing that way, if you know what I mean. I prefer the female gender, all dolled up and pretty for the camera. Is that such a crime?

But like I said, its hits are down. They used to get thousands of votes per person, but now they only get hundreds. And the same pictures keep coming up time and time again. This worries me. I fear that if it goes away, I'll be in a dark place.

A dark place.

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