Subspace - aswz
2001-03-25 19:45:40

Net Flotsam
If only Jake Busey knew how much we appreciated his art, I'm sure he'd drop everything and join us.
-- Johnnie Royale


Subspace - the longest running graphical internet game, still poppin.

video clip

Tucows used to be the good spot to feature your product on. Nowadays it is just better to get multiple hits with google. shareware was up to date, subspace was big hit as a beta program. Thousands of players got involved in testing the game up to 1.0 which was released as a full fledged pay-to-play internet game.

Owned by Virgin Interactive Entertainment (VIE), the game soon became too much of a bandwidth sucker for the low profits involved. Virgin's policy has always been hype up a gimmick, collect the profits, and pull it off the market. Same thing happened with Virgin cola, their weak ass airline, and all the rest of their goofy products. At least the CEO looks like he gets some shapely tail on lifestyles of the rich and famous. Nothing like Tom Vu, though.

Subspace is still around. ASWZ, one of the original user-run zones, is still one of the best place for newbies to learn the ropes and for seasoned pilots to own them. Come join us and be EZ $$, I'll be glad to shoot your ass. This game is so addictive it is the last program I run on my 200 Mhz Windows 98 crapbox.

Check out this fly video clip!

And this one!

Now watch paotzu in action!

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