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The match-making Congressman
2001-01-11 16:44:15

Net Flotsam
I wonder what kind of damage Larry Ellison could do, if he started doing meth.
-- Flesh


A state representative is also running the web site SheWantsItBad.Net. It's Tom Alciere, the New Hampshire legislator who said killing cops was OK if they'd crossed a line.

In September Alciere registered the domain to link to the sites of women he thinks are looking for sex. He also added for women who seem to want it even more. This empire of domains even includes two sites for men -- HeWantsIt.Net and

Politics and match-making soon merged. On the site, the state representative pointed local high school students to a special version of the page for Nashua high school students.

Alciere's opponents call him a hate-mongering lunatic, but it looks like he really just wants to spread a little love. "Picture a lady who is having no luck finding a date," begins one of the site's pages. It details a long scenario in which a needing-it-bad woman ends up suicidal on New Year's Eve. "She starts to ponder, if she were to get into her motorcar and speed 150 kilometers per hour into a bridge abutment, who would care? Everybody is too busy celebrating to give a damn. And she realizes that nobody would care, except for a small handful of municipal employees, and the only reason even they would care is because they would have to clean up the mess!" Mindful of the needs of both women and municipal employees, Alciere steps up to the plate.

He's the man with a plan. Or at least he was. He just resigned today, according to the site

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