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Stop Bush! Eliminate Spoiler Candidates!

by Mr. Bad

2000-10-26 19:19:49

Man, I really really don't want to live in a country run by George W. Bush. Which will mean, essentially, EVERY country on Earth, if the big ol' evil dolt gets elected this year. Gar! [Note: All "Gars!" are property of Mr. Bad and do not reflect general PDJ editorial policy. We have no common opinion.]

What really bothers me is that there's members of the American electorate around who are actually RECKLESS enough to be supporting SPOILER CANDIDATES in this election. Did you know that if elected, George Bush will be responsible for appointing 2-4 Supreme Court justices? Do you realize what that would do to abortion rights, the environment, civil liberties?

Jeezy louisy, as the Frenchmen say! I can't believe that folks would actually be siphoning away support, SPLITTING the non-redneck, non-plutocrat, non-idiot vote in America, just for some two-bit cockamamie SPOILER CANDIDATE! What's going on with that? What are they trying to prove?

Anyways, the link below is to a petition that asks the SPOILER CANDIDATE to drop out of the race. It's for the good of the country -- we have to stop George Bush! Go check it out now!

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