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Going Down...

by El Snatcher

1999-04-21 03:09:00

It really sucks that Memepool ( had this before us, but this link is so good that I have to put it up anyway. Most pin-up art is a little creepy with its overstated female sexpots dressed in various exhibitionist getups, and whatnot, but in all of kitsch history nothing really compares well to Art Frahm's bizarre series of paintings known as, "Panties Falling Down."

Before there was Playboy and Penthouse, there was pin-up art, and before there were weirdo fetish magazines wrapped in cellophane at your local porn store (that sucks...I guess they're scared that you wont buy the magazine if you get to look at it in the store) there was Art Frahm. If you find the idea of a big-bosomed, nubile sweet thang's panties spontaneously falling down at the most embarrassing moment possible--against all the laws of elastic and nature--while blue collar perverts look on, then you may be titillated yourself... I know I was!

Actually, what makes this link so exquisite is James Lileks' extremely entertaining analysis of these weird paintings. Hell, his whole site is really great, especially his "Institute of Cheer." So go look at the rest of his site ( too. He's the guy who did "The Gallery of Regrettable Food," which we had a link to earlier.

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