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SF Girls Are OK By Me
1999-11-15 23:39:02

Net Flotsam
The "S" stands for "Super-Evil"!
-- ESP


Hey, so, like, there's this web site called It's about, uh, GIRLS. In SF. For you who are not in the KNOW, that means San Fran Fucking CISCO, Baybee! Which is the City I love.

Uh, SF Girl. So. Gotta admit, I've just been going through the detritus and blargh that was at the bottom of the pockets of the pants I wore to Webzine99. I worked the door for a while because that's the kind of Boy Scoutish good Web citizen I am. ANYWAYS, there were these very pretty young ladeez who came in while I was at the door and one said, "I have a zine, you know." She gave me her card, which just had one word on it: In a pretty good font.

So I stuffed it in my pocket. And then found it. 5 months later.

Anyways, I'm totally scraping for good material for PDJ today, so finding that little bit of crumpled lint deep in my pockets was pretty fortuitous, eh?

Man, when I started this article, I thought the pants thing would be a real good lead. But what a fucking dud. Listen, just forget all that stuff. I'm tired of talking about my pants. ONWARD to!

From what I can see, should really be called [Note for cybersquatters: that one's not taken yet. Get on it!] The whole damn site is about going to creepy Web industry parties and getting STINKERS DRUNK. Maybe I'm just mad because I never get invited to any of these things, but it just doesn't seem right to me. I want to get STINKERS with SF Girls, too! Waaah!

La la la la... OK, I'm just filling here, folks. Fuck, days used to be I could crank out a really fascinating PDJ link in MINUTES, and now I am SHOOTING BLANKS. This is the boringest PDJ link TO DATE. I'm ashamed and confused. I forgot what I was gonna say.

Tjames is gonna get on my case about my San Francisco bigotry and navel-contemplating world view, but, SHIT, man, I don't see any "" sites anywhere, eh? Because all Broomfield girls do is COMMIT CRIME and listen to "UP WITH PEOPLE." So who would make a whole Web page about them? Huh? NOBODY, that's who. Like I was saying.

Anyways, while I've been keeping you people distracted with clever repartee I've REALLY been concentrating on reading some more over here in this other window thing. So, now that I look some more, it's a surprisingly deep site, navigationally speaking. Lots of forums and stuff, which I don't particularly get off on, but to each their own. There's also a ton of articles and reviews and neighborhood suggestions and like that. And not half-bad written. Hell, at least it's not DOPEY like Chickmail or something. Jeez, man, now THAT'S a dumb site.

Oh, but I already said that.

My general overall opinion is that this site is not my particular cup of tea, but, y'know, that's the way it goes sometimes.

OK, but, heh, um. Go see That is all.

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