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Down, Cato!

by Mr. Bad

1999-06-26 17:06:10

Few images remain as clear in the public mind from the O.J. Simpson trial as that of tanned SoCal surfer-cum-actor and perennial houseguest Cato Caelin in the witness stand, testifying in court about his night in Brentwood. A diligent public citizen, Caelin has found a way to turn his notoriety to good use: he's founded the Cato Institute, a conservative Washington-based think tank that deals with tax issues relevant to beach guys and struggling actors.

The Cato Institute Web site doesn't mention Caelin much by name, but they don't really have to: an image of a marble bust of Cato Caelin himself appears on the front page. I think Caelin kind of takes a hands-off approach to the Institute, you know? But I'm sure he does a lot of fundraising and stuff, lending his name and image to the cause.

He's not dumb, either. So he probably also has a lot to say at those late-night pizza-and-beer brainstorming sessions about welfare reform and Social Security and stuff. Everybody probably kicks back on the floor with their shoes off and stuff and just kinda hashes things out. I'm guessing Cato must let most of the other people take the credit because, hey, he's ALREADY famous.

So for all you cynics out ther, you should check out the Cato Institute, and for a moment in this crazy selfish world remember there ARE some celebrities out there who are willing to give back to the community.

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