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COMNAVAIRESFOR is One Hell of an Acronym

by Negative Nancy

1999-05-24 16:14:51

Online training! It's the wave of the future! Everybody's doing it... including the US Navy.

The US Navy, under the "leadership and direction of the Deputy Commander Naval Air Reserve Force (COMNAVAIRESFOR)" is offering such staples of on-line training as:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
  • Corel Presentations 3.0
  • Anti-Terrorism Personal Protection Instruction Cource
  • Laser Safety Fundamentals
  • Mobilization GNT
  • Information Systems Security
  • Aviation Maitenance Administration
Best of all they are free! I don't know how I could have gotten this far in the computer world without Anti-Terrorism Personal Protection Basics, sign me up!

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