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Strike A Blow For Common Sense

by Mr. Bad

2001-09-28 22:09:26

Hey, folks. Gar gar gar. Crazed nutbags across America think that curbstomping the rights of Americans will somehow show those terrorists a thing or two. What, I dunno. But we need to put the nutbags in their place.

It's fucking CRAZY out there right now, people. Right-thinking individuals who have the temerity to even question for one second whether new surveillance bills will even help in the fight against terrorism, much less be WORTH it, are being hassled by boneheads and losers of all stripes.

Their arguments are 100% full of grade-A dog shit. "It's unamerican to question authority!" they say. "It's unamerican to stand up for your rights! It's unamerican to have differing opinions from George W. Bush! If you aren't with us, you're against us! If you don't agree to have your ass searched by the FBI on a daily basis, you are RESPONSIBLE for the thousands of deaths on 9/11! Gar gar gar!"

Well, fuck those people. This country isn't about me-too suckwads, flag-waving yahoos, and bomb-throwing asskissers. It's about dissent, freedom, and democracy. We need to tell these freaks that if they don't like America the way it is -- FREE -- they can go back to Nazi Asslandia and take their fucking straight-jackets with them.

ONE WAY TO DO SO is to sign the In Defense of Freedom petition. Short, sweet, to the point: fuck you, brain-slug fascist Brown Shirts. My country too. Don't Tread On Me. Gar gar gar.

They need 100,000 signatures in 100 hours. Starting, like, NOW. I guess that means by 10/1. So go sign, or show support, or what have you. Do it. Use your real name and don't be a jerk. Tell your friends. In a CNN world, un-stupid people need to be heard.

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