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There Will Be Much Buggery In Georgia Tonight!

by Flesh

1998-11-23 09:26:00

Break out the Aqualube! The Georgia State Supreme Court has overturned the state's anti-sodomy law as unconstitutional. CNN reports that a Georgia man charged with sodomizing his 17-year-old niece is a free man today -- free once again to ass-fuck the under-aged girl-folk of his clan, as is his constitutional right.

Note that this guy was convicted under the SAME sodomy law upheld in the 80's by the US Supreme Court because Americans _don't_ have a "fundamental" (huh huh huh) right to _homosexual_ sex. Yeah, I know -- it's kind of a head-scratcher that it's easier for them to condone cornholing your brother's teenage daughter than another consenting adult. But, this *is* the South we're talking about here, folks. Fortunately, the justices took down the _whole_ law, so there is equal-opportunity butt-fucking to be done in Georgia by all.

I'm not normally one to make political predictions, BUT(T)... I'd expect the Georgia legislature, that guiding light of tolerance, to rush in to pass a new anti-gay-only no-ass-fucking law. But maybe not. Hell, who knows?

In any event, I recommend that all people in every nation participate in some form of sodomistic debauchery tonight, in honor of those in Georgia and other backwoods townships who plunge on through the courts so that the rest of us may plunge on through each other. Bugger on!

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