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1999-06-04 20:16:31

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Just in case you were wondering at what point the Hacker Revolution ended, man, it's officially OVER. Turn off the lights, sweep up the confetti, and shed a private tear over the dumbing down of Linux.

If you haven't checked it out already, it's worth your time to give a good look to Linux-dot-com.

Yeah, I know, I know. I expect too much. It's a fairly well proven rule that sites that have the name something-really-good plus "dot com" are in general really lame, nowhere near as good as the something-really-good itself. I mean, take for example Beer-dot-com, Gar-dot-com, and Burrito-dot-com.

But, at the same time, Linux is different. It's not something good highjacked by evil fucklords on the Internet -- it's something good that was MADE by the Internet. In a way it is the Internet.

So, you could kind of wish to see some of the hackerosity that originally created Linux on the site that bears its name. Wish away, though: it's not to be found on Linux.com. This site is PURE COMMERCIALISM, with blecho corpy look straight outta the labs of VA Linux Systems(half of the Evil Cooption Duo with RedHat Systems).

The content is wholly aimed towards the corporate user of Linux. Or, well, the corporate investor, more likely. It's got lots of pointers to industry rags talking about Linux for the Enterprise (gack), Linux @ Work (gack gack gack) and Linux vs. NT (super-triple-uber gack).

There's links to all the usual boring bonehead sites - slashdot.org, User Friendly (I hate this stupid comic), Freshmeat, gar gar gar. All the stuff that bores you to tears. It's the Dumb-Down Bundt, locking arms on the march to World Domination.

So, if you have the stomach for slick gar gar gar, and you don't have the computer knowledge to pick your own ass without an "Ass-picking for Dummies" book, you'll enjoy Linux.com. Otherwise, don't even fucking bother.

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