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An Eggcellent Idea!

by Baron Earl

2002-07-26 13:43:08

Dr. Dick Wool, head of the University of Delaware's Affordable Composites from Renewable Sources program (ACRES), has produced a computer chip made from soybean resin and chicken feathers crafted into a composite material that looks and feels like silicon.

This discovery is a real feather in Dr. Wool's cap, something to really crow about.

Something tells me that even if someone takes this processor technology and runs with it, it may take wing, but it won't fly.

Rumor has it that one investor thinks he can make millions with this discovery, but another investor told him not to count his chickens before they'd hatched. Then again, the start up costs are just chicken feed for most investors with a bit of scratch. If Rupert Murdoch invests in this scheme these guys won't get a dime -- they're newbies in business, and Rupert will act just like a Fox in a hen house.

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