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Earth Changes TV (ECTV) Covers the Talk Show Wars

by El Snatcher

1999-07-10 07:45:29

The "Earth Changes TV" web site, which bills itself as "the site for people who are interested in the unknown yet have an intuition that 'something big is about to happen'," has a new weblog-like page covering the Talk Show Wars! Yet ANOTHER good site tracking the conflict between Art Bell and his former guests, as well as the many other parties involved.

Earth Changes TV is actually a television show carried on cable channels around the country, produced by a guy named Mitch Battros. It's about wonky stuff -- UFOs, Nostradamus, Y2K, ESP, and especially weird "earth changes," such as earthquakes, extremeley bad weather, and the Earth just generally blowing up.

But Mitch Battros and his associates have put together a DYNAMITE new page with editorials, letters, articles, as well as links to relevant information and underground web message boards focusing on the Bell-Oates-Stephens conflict. They have even published reformatted versions of some of our articles (I guess we don't mind considering that they gave us full credit and link).

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