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Florida Teacher Sex Scandal

by Baron Earl

2021-05-03 01:06:16

An anonymous student at a school in Florida sent a letter to the school administrators alleging that a school employee was having sex with one of the students. A teacher at the school posted on Facebook they also had knowledge about the employee who was having sex with a student. The school employee's own Twitter account contained messages in favor of white supremacy and racial segregation. The employee was never arrested, fired, or even reprimanded.

The reason was simple.

According to a Federal indictment that was released last June, the letter was not sent by a student, it was sent by Joel Micah Greenberg, former Florida tax collector. The indictment also states that Mr. Greenberg was the creator and operator of the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Apparently the school employee was a political opponent of Mr. Greenberg's and, taking a page from his friend Roger Stone's playbook, Joel Greenberg decided that the best way to get rid of his opponent was to play a few dirty tricks.

Roger Stone, Rep. Matt Gaetz, and Joel Micah Greenberg having a swell time

This is the same Joel Micah Greenberg who claims that he and Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz were both banging the same 17 year old girl.

According to the indictment, Mr. Greenberg created the Facebook account using a school teacher's photo and real name. For the Twitter account he used the name and photo of the target of his character assassination efforts.

So the next time you hear about a school employee having sex with student in Florida, keep in mind that it might not be true. It might be the work of a not-too-bright tax collector with a grudge named Joel Micah Greenberg.

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