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program a little robot

by Mr. Bad

1999-06-28 09:02:23

OK, so, maybe the people who say that Free Software is, like, 30-year-old technology kinda have a point. Because this GNURobots game is, like, real real real real low tech. And unless you're a total HACK-crazed maniac, it's gonna bore you to tears.

But, that said, if you ARE a total hakisto, then GNURobots is gonna take up some of your time.

See, it's ESSENTIALLY that 2nd-year comp sci project that you did so poorly on because you spent most of the week doing whippets in the kitchen of your friend's co-op with girls with long greasy hair instead of programming. Remember that? Probably not much. But GNURobots is like that "Hunt the Wumpus" deal -- you have to create a program that will get your evil little doppelganger through a series of obstacle to the GOAL.

Oh, and you have to write all the program in GUILE, the crazed FSF answer to Perl, TCL, and Python (woo-hoo! Late 80s technology!). So, there's another little hump to get over.

I wish you luck with your little robot. I've already got mine trained to post on Usenet and to keep an eye on utility stocks (tech stocks are hard!).

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