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Emacs dot org! Coolio!

by Mr. Bad

1999-12-08 08:27:01

Wow! Everybody's superfavorite editor now has its own fabulous community Web site! This is so great! Everyone should dig this!

I'm a super booster of the Emacs Revolution, but even I have to admit that Emacs has suffered somewhat during these Days of the Web. I think it might be because Emacs PREDATES the Web, and so Emacsers have developed mutual support channels outside of the WWW. Examples: mailing lists, Usenet newsgroups, weirdo gopher sites and crazy ass FTP archives.

The result has been a definite DEARTH of good Emacs sites on the Web. I mean, look, for example at the XEmacs home page. Or, even worse, the GNU Emacs site. Blargh! Get me out!

That's why I've been real happy to see the new site. Well done, deep functionality (like a Freshmeat-style tracker of good Emacs packages), and a coolio design. It's still just beta (the original is singularly horrible), but should go live soon. Check it out now and beat the rush.

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