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Old Java Wine in New Box

by El Snatcher

1999-06-14 19:01:04

As you know, there are billions of web application servers now -- Cold Fusion, ASP, PHP, Zope, and whatnot. That's how you can make dynamical web pages with server-side scripting and put a daterbase on your site. Well, it was only a matter of time before they put some Java on the pot. Get ready for Java Server Pages (JSP).

I notice they only compare JSP to Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP), which is the pukey Microsoft dynamical machine. Nevermind that you can get a bunch of free server-side scripting servers like PHP and Zope, or you can be like Pigdog and write your own HTML spooger machines. But still it's nice to have something posing as a counter solution to ASP, just because ASP is real gross...

The main thing I notice about ASP is that a lot of the sites developed with it use that disturbing tabbed navigation system. Like, the nav bar on those sites is always a weird tabbed file folder thing. It really creeps me out. Maybe it's too hard to change the default navigation templates or whatever Microsoft gives you. Doesn't that make you feel like the whole web is just a big weird Microsoft control panel or ActiveX Control?

MmmHmmm. JSP. Cross-platform, write once, run anywhere, yeah, bladdy blah blah blaaaaaaahhhhhhh. Oh yeah, and throw a bunch of Javer Beans on there, just because you can.

So if'n you just LOVE Java, you might love JSP.

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