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I think that they should teach drinking in junior high and stop making it a college level course.
-- Johnnie Royale

The URLs of Home

by Patient Joab

1999-10-28 11:33:55

So tha folks saw yr tappin' away at the codin' box, and reckoned you'd make more possum hides if you threw all yr meager belongins' on tha truck and hauled yr ass to Sili-kon Valleee. And they were right: you've made out better than Cotton Eye Joe! But, as the old song goes, you got what you wanted but lost what ya had.

Pigdog knows the how lonesome the heart gits. You've been homesick to see old fashioned Web sites, just like those from the kin folk. So we gonna point you to this'n here fella who'se collected a whole heapin' helpin' of Web sites from back home, just purttty as you please. Just bring us back some tasty venison.

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