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What is needed is not censorship, but rather increasingly educated senses of perspective and critical judgement.
-- rotten elf Opens Its Doors...

by El Snatcher

1999-08-25 07:36:25

Fella, yo' eatin' enough meat? ah's gonna tale yo' about Meathenge. Thays got this hyar hillbilly fella named of a Mr. Biggles. See, thet fella likes t'burn meats up on whutevah grill yo' an' me an' he kin git fired up. It's real fine now. Especially, he liken them pigs. An' nobody kin stop him! Fry mah hide!

Then, yo' better lissen up t'ROY. Jest ax Roy. Thet fella's belly is like a siamese twin, as enny fool kin plainly see. He takes it out an' shakes it, an' it ripples an' jiggles an' cries out. He also knows all th' bess singers!!!

Ev'rybody got a Plymoth Road Runner an a BIGGEN block Crysler. An' tha hole tang equal t'seven o' eight cases of Budweizzu a day.

And thet's jest fo' starters...!!!

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