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Touch-Tone Hillbilly Terrorism

by El Snatcher

1999-08-10 19:33:45

Check out these FREAKS who call people up on the phone and pretend to be RETARDED HILLBILLIES (Why didn't I think of that??). My sides hurt from laughing so hard. These are some bad, bad people.

It's so bizarre. After "Jim Bob" calls up and pesters people for awhile, this other guy, "Junkyard Willie" gets on and yells at them in this Fat Albert voice. These people are GENIUS prank phone callers...

I usually don't go in for this crank phone call stuff, but these guys appeal to my sick sense of humor.

The best one is where "Jim Bob" calls a 976 phone sex line, because the phone sex lady doesn't seem fazed at all (imagine what some of her real customers must be like...), or maybe the best ones are where he calls people up pretending to take a "water survey," I dunno. It's amazing how mad people get a dumb hillbillies.

It's also amazing what kind of shit you find on the Internet when you put "+hillbilly +wav" in a search engine.

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