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With respect to the no-dancing prohibitions, I strongly recommend that you see the documentary film "Footloose."
-- Mr. Bad

Would you people just stop making sites like these now, please?

by Tjames Madison

1999-12-20 02:53:46

You know how Hamster Dance showed up one day, probably in your inbox with a note attached that said "DOOD U HAV GOT 2 CHEK THIS OUT!!!11"? And then you looked at it and felt nothing but pity and contempt for people who thought it was, like, really funny? And THEN, like 8 million dumbasses all over the world thought it would be even FUNNIER to replace "dancing hamster" with "dancing other thing," like Herve Villichaize, so now there are 8 MILLION DANCING WHATEVER PAGES ON THE WORLD WIDE SQUIRREL? Are you following me? OK. Those people have to stop what they're doing. Right now.

I thought I would check out the Yahoo directory for "humor>bizarre>dancing" and see if I could find a SINGLE REDEEMABLE DANCING FUCKHEAD SITE, and then I would write something about how they're all lame and shit, and YET, there is this one place and it almost makes it worth all the extra pain in general because ha ha.

But no. It is all full of suck. Stop making these sites now.

Here are some of the horrible, unfunny things I looked at; dancing:

Aliens, AOL CDs, Beatles, Clowns, Cows, Hovering Cows, Beanie Babies, Fat Kids, Frogs, Monkeys, Jesuses, Pigs, Santas, Satans, Sumo Wrestlers.

All of them were ultra-retarded. If you have one of these sites, especially the clown one, please take it down. I am asking this as a personal favor. Please make it go away. It is not funny. Also, the Dancing Baby is not funny. And if you ever send email to people saying "Go look at this crazy Dancing Hitler page!", please kill yourself immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

PS - Calvin pissing graphics are also not funny at all. Please stop putting them on your mini-trucks or I will find you and hurt you.

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