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Wish I'd Been There To See It, Part II
2000-09-15 01:08:02

Consumers in Action
Always do sober what you promised you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.
-- Ernest Hemmingway


I'm so proud of my almost-kinda home town of Branford, CT. They've found the best way to combat the encroachment of corporate chains into a small town—an act of God.

Two weeks after the Starbuck's Coffee store moved in (displacing a family-run restaurant, I might add), the town of Branford fought back.

No, the people of Branford didn't fight back. The town itself did.

Or rather, the land did.

During the middle of the night, several tons of rock fell from the nearby 100- foot cliff, burying Starbuck's drive-through window and damaging the structure. Nobody was hurt, but the coffee shop hasn't reopened, and there have been no signs that the chain wishes to start operations again.

This is what insurance companies refer to as an "act of God."

Brings a tear to my eye.

Heartwarming Act of God

"I fought God and... God won. I fought God and... God won."

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