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Fuck PG&E, save the Chronic

by Pao Tzu

2001-01-12 08:19:24

How to turn California's despised deregulated industry into California's favorite regulated substance.

Some Californian's might be shocked at their 250% or so higher than normal energy bills, but none more than the indoor marijuana farmer, who had to pay horrendous bills for this December growth cycle. Don't be suprised if your next ounce is a little skimp.

Chronic farmers will have to hand out the big bucks to keep the juice on, so says PG&E, whose new "fuck you twice" rates on gas and electricity have caused much concern among the general public and news media. It seems that a few years ago, the electric company was "deregulated" which was supposed to increase competition among energy companies resulting in lower pot prices. I mean, electricity prices. It did exactly the opposite, with the price of running just a few dozen lightbulbs now costing over $1000, when last year the same rig would have only guzzled $500 worth, or about two ounces of power. The marketplace is going to feel the burn of these new prices in the form of pinched eighths, barely a joint even for $20, and dime bags being a thing of the past.

What can I do? Well, a better fan might help. Not only does a new fan use less electricity than an old one, but it will help save on lighting costs as plants can be kept in dangerously close proximity to lights if there are cool enough fans around to prevent a fire from breaking out. Also, be sure to plaster every inch of your grow area with reflective mylar, even over the blocked windows and to the entrance of the fake wall. Grow rows of small, shelfed plants instead of big ones in pots. Better yet, consider investing in a hydro-tray cloning system to give bigger and better yields for the same amount of electricity.

Ralph Nader even came and smoked out about the whole energy crisis thing. In San Francisco, of all places, where even finding a good attic to grow weed in costs thousands every month. Ralph Nader has had weed farmer's back the whole time, advocating municipal utility districts before the shit hit the fan with the electric prices. I voted for Nader for president on this basis, as being the better for weed president, not because I believe I'd get any more stoned from my weed, but because he was/is the only candidate who's willing to say anything about California's energy problem.

Just look at Gubner sore throat Grey Davis... the man obviously doesn't smoke. I bet he wouldn't even get high if he did smoke. He'd just demand more and claim he didn't feel it. Then, when you broke out with the real bomb shit, like some good Humboldt outdoor, he'd cough it up and claim it was too harsh. Don't all you democrats out there feel a little bit uptight and out of touch now for voting this clown in? Next time vote for Dan Hamburg, I bet he gets smoked up on the daily. I support any and all of the Green Party schemes to lower the price of electricity and bankrupt PG&E. Vote yes on the next Prop. 9-alike, we'll go halves on it this time.

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