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3D-print your Wordle score

by Ersten Wiles

2022-03-14 00:28:20

If you're not satisfied with spamming every friend and follower with daily updates of your Wordle score, now you can annoy and irritate everyone you meet in real life as well with a 3D printed Wordle score you can wear around your neck.

Over on Prusa Printers web site user kriswillcode has released a set of 3D printer STL files to print a Wordle Score Badge, complete with a lanyard hole for easy around-the-neck mounting. Just use one of the old straps you have from the last WWDC you attended -- the biodegradable one with the integrated safety breakaway just in case someone tries to strangle you with it.

The design only has six rows for guesses, but you're so goddammned smart that there's no way you'll ever need all six rows. You solved a puzzle and guessed a five letter word, now let the world know that you have the vocabulary skills of an above-average American fourth grader!

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