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Zany 'Nucks Claim: "We Led NATO Missions"

by Tjames Madison

1999-06-16 14:11:08

It wasn't bad enough that Canadia had to go and invent circus peanuts, Tim Allen and that "Are You Being Served" show on the television; now they're claiming that they were the big leader of dropping bombs on the Yugoslavia.

With only 18 jets in a fleet of some 800 warplanes, the Canadian government is framing their Serbian involvement in glowing terms of heroic Nuck battle against the sinister forces of Milosevic. "We are the leader of the world" is what the Canadians are saying.

It is sort of like in World War II how the Nucks are always saying, "We are the people who stopped Hitler." And then you tell them that, no, they did not stop Hitler. The Nucks were bogged down with Monty in the north the whole time while the Americans were slugging through the Ardennes. "Yes," they say, "but Dieppe..." Haw Haw! Dieppe!

Anyway, now they are claiming to be the best fighter pilots ever, so go figure this out. Also, the Canadian generals are saying that even though they led the whole invasion with their 18 planes, no Nuck dropped any bomb on any civilian ever.

"We're not aware of any significant civilian damage or deaths from Canadian attacks," said some Nuck.

Silly Nucks! No porridge for you!

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