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Amazing True Life Parallel to Burt Reynolds Film!

by Ms.BunnyPenny

1999-06-13 02:40:45

So, does anyone remember that Burt Reynolds movie where he plays an old fat retired safe cracker who comes out of retirement for one last heist? He takes this young dirtbag type under his wing as an apprentice to his "art" and later they rob some weird carnival...

But, the dirtbag goes against Burt's warnings about flashing his cash after the robbery and he buys a big GOLD Caddy and lots of hookers and what not and of course he gets thrown into the slammer..Teaching us all that crime doesn't pay, at least not if you're stupid!

Now its happened in real life!! Well sorta. The old guy is actually kinda famous for writing about his life of crime. He DID come out of retirement to rob a bank, BUT he got busted while fleeing the seen of the crime, so now he's in the slammer. Oh yeah, and he's in Canadia.

Isn't it strange how life imitates art??

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