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Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.
-- Kaiser Wilhelm

Canadian Women: Inferior and Insecure

by Downer Cow

2002-07-20 10:21:55

It's no wonder the women of BC are in a bad way. With the men preferring dogs in panties, and women being barred from the Men with Books club, it's understandable that the ladies are feeling a little insecure. But that's no excuse for turning on each other, girls.

BC's women's downhill mountain bike racing community has viciously singled out one of its own for two remarkably unsportsmanlike reasons. First, she wins (gotta hate that). Second (this is what they claim is the real problem), she was born with the unfortunate handicap of having a dick. They have even gone so far as to say she should only be allowed to race against other women who were born men.

All I can say to the women who want lower standards in their sports is YOU SUCK! You give women a bad name, reinforcing the worst of all gender stereotypes: that women need (and WANT) a wussier playing field. Are you telling me that women who demand recognition in "competitive" sports should only have weak competitors? You hens make me sick.

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