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Eternal Life for Canadian Cult

by Downer Cow

2002-02-18 10:57:54

This is what happens when you live in the bleak and boring hinterland of Canadia: "Hrmm... I need something to do. I think I'll start a cult! Yeah! And then... I'll clone my favorite people! Yeah!! And the cult ladies will bear the foetuses. Tres cool! This should keep me amused until the next thaw, or until our alien masters return."


It's really an acronym for Canadian Nutjob Fux with the Genome. Honest, that's what it means in Franglais. So, if you want to live forever join Rael and his merry Canadian men. And, of course his merry foetus-farming scientists & women-folk.

Alternately, just bring your American dollar$ and "Come and return to your country pregnant with the child of your dreams!" OVULAID™ appears to be available now. Visit Canadia, drop a wad of cash, and return to the US bearing a CULT embryo! Yep, they'll load you up with the freaky pasty genetics of Canadia and you will PAY for the privilege.

The Elhoim will be pleased.

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