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The Fast Food Chain is Actually a French Fry Dish

by Miles Standish

2000-03-10 11:23:09

Normally, when a Pigdog Article contains a factual error, the author is beaten savagely and dropped in a vat of rabid sqrats and no one mentions their name again. So I'm posting a retraction in hopes of living. A Canadian from Canadia told me the truth about Poutine, and he may have just saved my life.

A poutine is, of course, not a fast food chain at all. It's a dish, made from french fries, gravy, and cheese.

People eat it on purpose. Repeatedly. I'm not sure I understand it.

Anyway, you can't get it anywhere but Quebec, but it's impossible not to eat it in Quebec. They have border guards that won't let you past until they watch you eat it.

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