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Wretched Canadians Are Up To No Good, Again!

by Ms.BunnyPenny

2000-02-17 01:03:43

The sneaky maple leaf government, under the innocent guise of public art, is trying to spread its kinky brand of perversion through out the Free World!! Starting with it's own Parisian Culture Centre, in the Heart of Darkness...PARIS, FRANCE!

Jeez, as if France isn't perverted enough!

Then again, where else BUT in the Heart of Darkness could the Canooks mastermind, launch, and fund, a project such as the "Call Girl" interactive exhibit?!

The exhibit is stocked with real life Parisian "actresses" (Mmhmm!) "...who pose as prostitutes and engage visitors in conversations about sex." And goodness knows what other sicko perverted type sex-craved activities! Do they really expect the rest of us to believe that it's just an "art exhibit?!" HAR!

In a super-lame attempt to deflect criticism Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy, claimed "It's not for me to engage in judgment as to what's good art or culture."

DUH! We all know that Back Bacon-Loving Canadians have no idea what GOOD art or culture is, that's why they are such LOSERS!! Obviously it's all part of the CANADIAN PERVERT MENACE!!!

Lord have mercy on the Free UnCanadian World!

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