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Alex Bennett Burning Man Pictures From 1995
2000-12-19 18:15:31

Burning Man Nonsense
"Pussyfoot" is a really weird word, if you think about it too long.
-- Mr. Bad


Man, I got another edition of the Ghost Sites of the Web newsletter today, which always makes me happy. And check it: ALEX BENNETT's 1995 Burning Man Pictures were featured in this issue. Alex Bennett! Burning Man!

So, let me recap: Ghost Sites of the Web, Burning Man, Alex Bennett.

Dig: Ghost Sites. Schadenfreude. Nuff said.

Dig: Alex Bennett. For you non-SFers as well as carpet-baggers who haven't been here more than 3 months, here's the scoop: first off, HAHA! You suck. Secondly, Alex Bennett. Alex is this guy who used to be the drive-time DJ on San Francisco's "modern rock" station, KITS (LIVE 105!). He was really into COMEDY and would have these COMEDIANS come talk on his show. Like Bob Saget and shit. Bob Saget!

And he was a major putz, too. Flesh, I think, had like this particular hatred of Alex Bennett and used to send mail bombs to him and fax horrible bestiality porno to his office and shit like that. Really, Flesh should have been put in jail, but I think the Bennett guy used to just get mad and send back even more disturbing porno, and call Flesh at home and yell at him and stuff like that. They had a weird symbiotic relationship.

Oh, but anyways, Bennett got booted from LIVE 105 like 5 years ago. After a brief run by some other even putzier putz, (I think there was a "Morning Zoo" in there for a while), this station replaced him with a Howard Stern feed from New York. Which has got to be just the biggest insult ever, man. Now Alex Bennett has some creepy Web radio thing and does AM stuff for C|Net and it's all very depressing.

Anyhow, Alex Bennett was also a big FAN of Burning Man. Like, super big! He used to blab about it all the time. (That's probably why Flesh won't go, now that I think about it.) And this site is his NINETEEN NINETY FIVE photo-journal from Burning Man. With itty bitty postage stamp pictures that must have taken like 45 minutes apiece to download in 1995. But still!

The main things that impressed me about this site were a) that good-looking people used to get naked all the time at Burning Man back then and b) that Burning Man photojournals look about the same in the year 2000 as they did in 1995. Man, they're all sappy as all kinds of whatever, but you gotta love them anyways.

So, I hail thee, my friends. Beaujolais, Ghost of Alex Bennett! Beaujolais, Ghost of Burning Man Past!

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