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This is becoming depressingly much like trying to explain sex to a eunuch..
-- Thom 'Starky' Stark

Gerlach, Nevada becomes Virtual Reality!

by El Destino

2000-07-24 19:16:51

Burning Man attendees pass through Gerlach, Nevada -- a mysterious small town where everything is owned by a man named Bruno. Crazy Berkeley geeks simulated a 360 panorama using Virtual Reality technology!

Click your mouse on the picture, and the view rotates. Lead the point of view up, down, and around -- past the water tank, the state of Nevada historical marker, the telephone poles along the railroad tacks... See the road thousands have crossed, with hope and excitement, curiousity, fear... all rendered with a Quicktime wrap-around view.

It may not be virtual reality, but it's still pretty cool. Plus, there's also links to a bunch of other panorama sites...

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