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Yuppie Pig Tries To Buy Barbie on Internet
1998-11-14 01:15:00

Bad People
One man said it was getting towards the long days and the short nights now. T'other one said THIS warn't one of the short ones, he reckoned. And then they laughed, and he said it over again, and they laughed again...
-- Mark Twain


Look at this fiend who's offering $10,000 to anyone who will get him a bride. She must have the following attributes: "very attractive, brunette or blonde. 24-34, 5'4"-6', 110-135 lbs." AKA: Skinny with big tits. He'll give money to someone who's pimping a woman out, but not to the woman herself...

Maj (maj@pigdog.org) also has some comments on this story:

The most interesting section of his web site is "What's wrong with me."


1) I bite my nails (working on it).

2) I want to help others sometimes -- even when they don't want my advice.

3) I could lose about 20 lbs to be in very good shape (Working on it. I was a stress eater).

4) I need to learn to relax more often.

5) I could always be a become a better listener.

To which Maj added these...

6) I tend to lash out violently when I don't get what I want immediately.

7) Crack habit (I'm working on that too).

8) I hate bathing.

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