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Wow, this is like a tip you get from Martha Stewart...
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Nasty Rutting Skunks Invade Home

by El Snatcher

1999-02-24 06:46:00

It's one thing to have to watch the pornographic sexual acts of animals on public television stations, but how would you like to have your home turned into a disgusting SKUNK BORDELLO? With skunks engaging in raucous intercourse under your floor boards?

That's what recently happened to one family in Kentucky. Local animal control has performed numerous raids, putting the skunk fornicators to death on site, but it does no damn good... More skunks move in. The house has become a known skunk flophouse.

And the male skunks have no compunctions about battling over the female skunks in front of the family's children:

"Sunday evening, [the] daughters, Jessica and Rebecca, awoke screaming because of a battle going on beneath the floorboards."

Apparently, the worst thing is the horrendous smell. A noxious, sexual skunk-gas permeates everything, and the family's only recourse is to burn scented candles and dump odor-removing powder everywhere.

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