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The problem with some people is that when they aren't drunk they're sober.
-- William Butler Yeats

Ettack on America

by Pao Tzu

2001-09-20 20:52:33

As a result of recent terrorist attacks on the world trade center and talks of retribution (AKA WW3), virus coders have found a perfect time to release their latest plague.

A new win32 based worm called Nimba is on the prowl and in the wild, hijacking the computer resources of innocent civilians. It doesn't even require the drooling microsoft outlook end-users to actually click on the child porn/love letter/advice query. It works by infecting the computer through a preview window in outlook, making it a risk to open any piece of email for the average know-nothing windows junkie.

What does the virus do? A dream for any user of Sharesniffer, the virus changes permissions on every file on the infected hard disk to allow full guest access to the system. No more having to waste time using pqwak and breaking into cheap win 9x cable systems, now the data on corporate NT systems around the internet is at the cybercriminal's full disposal. With the information in some of the .doc and .xls files on the victim's hard disk, thousand of dollars of credit card fraud could be committed allowing you to furnish your whole house with 1000 meter wireless ethernet gear and waterproof laptops.

Have those Model M's handy when the fallout hits, a few key clicks will seek out and attack the credit card number database of people making donations to whatever university or non-profit organization you choose. Searching for homemade porn is always fun on cable subscriber's computers, but thanks to the timing of Hezbollah, Fateh, and Bin Laden, the windows share peruser can explore the world of Fortune 500 America's consumer databases right here in September 2001.

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