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Fucking CBS

by JRoyale

2004-02-01 21:38:49

First CBS executives won't air an ad made by which asks the very simple question of who is going to pay for the current half trillion dollar deficit we are running. The obvious answer is the children. Duh. But CBS won't run it.

Then they have Justin Timberlake tear off Janet Jackson's top exposing her pasty covered nipple during the MTV produced halftime show. Not that I object to nipples or breasts during the Super Bowl, goodness knows, but just who in the hell do CBS executives think they are fooling? The Drudge Report is reporting that this was all planned out in advance, but the wires are saying that there is some doubt whether it was an intentional breast baring in front of 140,000,000 Americans or not. I'm going with Drudge on this one and I bet CBS had all of their executives practice their apologizes for this “unfortunate event” the day before. Fuckers. Absolute Fuckers.

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