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Help NASA Find Their Spacecraft
2000-10-17 17:08:34

Space, the Final Frontier
Living on beer, American Spirits and Sobe.
-- Mr. Bad


Earlier this year, NASA, forgetting to convert feet to meters somewhere, managed to send the wrong instructions to the Mars Polar Explorer. So instead of entering a nice safe polar orbit around Mars, it was set plunging straight into the Mars landscape where it made an unfortunate and very expensive new crater on Mars.

This was only one of the many bad things that has happened to NASA lately and it has forced them to rethink their entire strategy for not only exploring Mars, but on all of their other projects as well.

In an attempt to locate the missing craft, NASA turned the cameras of the Mars Global Explorer on the areas where the Polar Explorer is presumed to have landed. Not surprising, given the resolution of the camera involved and the size of the Polar Explorer, NASA didn't find the anything.

And here is where you come in. Take up the challenge and review the Global Explorer's images and see if you can find Waldo... err, the Polar Explorer on Mars for NASA.

Naturally, there are more then a few Pigdog Editors that believe the Damn Al-yeens sabotaged the craft to prevent us from getting a real good look at the Faces on Mars. So, we'll be looking too - for spacecraft from NASA and others

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