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Last night I was at Denny's in Emeryville, and security guards wearing big uniforms, leather gloves, batons, and sidearms (45's maybe) seated us!! They weren't just standing around like normal security guards, they were the hosts.
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Boom... Now What's a Lefty To Do?

by JRoyale

2001-10-17 01:44:46

It is rare these days when I so completely agree with someone else's viewpoint. But it just happened when I read Marc Cooper's column in today's LA Times.

I suppose I could blame that on the bottle and a half of wine I just drank... but that's such a 90's excuse.

Anyways, as a self described want-to-be slightly left of centrist hardcore moderate nihilist, finding the proper response to the September 11th tragedy has been difficult. I'm certainly no jingoistic righty flag waving America-love-it-or-leave type. Nor do I wish to wallow in the self-loathing of the ultra-progressive left that blames America for everything.

So Cooper's column does a pretty good job of summing up my feelings. Striking that balance between my unease at flexing the military muscles of the US to the necessity of fighting pure evil.

Thing is, I really do love this country, warts and all. There truly is no other place or time I'd rather be. I just wish America had fewer warts. I also wish I had a million dollars... so much for wishing.

Cooper is blowing the bugle for the left to rally behind and I intend to be there in the ranks... fighting the bastards responsible and fighting to ensure we remain America.

I imagine that if I read a number of Cooper's columns, I be furious with him, but based on just this one... well as they say, the sign of a person's intelligence is how well he agrees with you, and right now I think Cooper is a fucking genius.

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