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Drill or the Terrorist Have Already Won

by JRoyale

2002-04-19 01:36:31

The Oil Companies attempt to gain corporate control to the ANWR through their private governmental subsidiary located that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue failed miserably today as the Oil Barons were unable to even muster a simple majority to get the bill on the floor of the Senate.

I suppose I should be dancing in the streets that the corporate bigwigs won't be ravishing the Northern Alaska for at least the next couple of years, but I'm not. That oil under that plain is just too damn valuable and sooner or later it will be worth so much that the oil companies will be able to afford to buy up both the Republicans and the Democrats, declare a political monopoly and just start drilling whenever and wherever they damn well feel like it.

This country is going to run out of oil. You don't have to a rocket scientist to figure that out. Oil comes from dinosaurs and last I checked all the dinosaurs are gone. So sooner or later we are gonna be soooo desperate for oil we'll be begging the oil companies to drill, drill, drill, drill, just for another drop, "Please, one drop of oil", like some pathetic and tragically doomed heroin addict clambering after his fixes in his final few days on his last and very fatal binge.

I keep hoping that won't happen. That somehow people will start to realize that more oil isn't the answer. That it can't be the answer. We need to figure out how to run a modern economy without oil. And given the massive amount of environmental damage a fossil fuel based economy causes and since we HAVE to do it anyway, it makes sense to do figure out how to live with out oil at the soonest possible point.

And every time I read some Republican oil stooge, shilling about how we need to reduce our dependencies on foreign oil, I want to run up to them and say, "YES, YES, YES, let's reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Let's conserve what we have to make it last as long as possible and massively invest in developing new technologies to replace what we use."

But the Republicans stooges aren't interested in conservation and new energy technology. Conservation is apparently for pussies and new energy technologies might hurt their corporate masters in the pocket book. So the Republicans answer is always DRILL, DRILL, DRILL. They'll scream about how the Arabs are going to use oil as a weapon and destroy us ALL. They'll even claim that any environmentalist that refuses too see the logic in massive drilling is just a Muslim loving nancy boy wimp that would be happy to let the A-rabs walk in a take over the country. Hah. We keep buying oil at the rate we are buying oil and the Arabs and just buy the whole damn country. But that is later, profits must happen now, the money must flow for it is the very lifeblood of the Republican party.

And right now, we import 59% of the oil we use and more holes in Alaska are only going to drop that to 54% or so. Big fucking deal. Where is our freedom? Where is our energy independence the Republican mantra so claims? It ain't there. There is no difference between 59% and 54%. And the Republicans know it. And that's because the Republicans aren't interested in energy independence, they're interested in oil companies profits. Of course, Republicans can't say that they don't care about anything but corporate profits and they have to keep their mouths moving or the Democrats might actually be able to get a word in edgewise, so the Republican just make shit up and keep babbling away. Blah, blah, blah. Drill or the terrorists have already won.

Which is what is so damn depressing. Even after such another blatant attempt by a bunch of ass licking corporate lapdogs and massive hypocrisy employed by the Republicans, the Democrats, even in victory just stand around with stupid expressions on their faces and their slacked jawed mouths hanging open, unable to exploit the gapping holes in the Republicans "logic", while the people of this country continue to slumber in the bliss of an oil bubble and energy clock continues to tick.

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