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So Gore Could Have Won

by JRoyale

2001-11-11 21:15:12

Immediately following the fiasco of the Florida Presidential elections late last year, many of the top news organizations in the lull that occurred between Clinton's dick and the apocalypse of 9-11, funded a study to recount the votes in Florida.

The study has been ready for sometime, but the news powers that be decided to hold off with releasing the results until the avalanche of war news slowed to a dull thunder. That apparently happened sometime during the middle of last week as even the most jacked up supporters of the "Bomb Afghan to rubble" crowd finally realized that all Afghanistan contains is rubble and that we now engaged in a never ending war of turning big rocks into little rocks. So with the war news slowing, the final and very unofficial results of the Florida election are now in.

If, as Gore wanted, only the four counties where the most "mistakes" were recounted, Bush would have still had more votes then Gore. However, if the recount had been statewide, Gore would now be President with a unbelievably slender 70 vote margin. The Supreme Court's coup d'etat last November, where the conservative majority voted 5-4 to stop the counting and then ruled that the counting had stopped so Bush was the winner, prevented the possibility of that recount happening. Not that there was ever any hope for Gore and his minions, the deck was stacked against him as the Republican dirty trick squads had completely infested the Sunshine State by that point.

And while the margin of error in the vote greatly exceeded the margin of victory, it certainly does seem to many that the "will of the people" was ignored and that the man now sitting in the White House is the wrong one.

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