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The Numbers Show That There Are An Unusual Number of Nazis In Palm Beach

by Mr. Bad

2000-11-09 22:37:01

So check this out: This feller at CMU has done some VERY SIMPLE statistical analysis on voting patterns in Florida. And apparently either there's a lot of complete nutbag Nazi freaks in Palm Beach County, or something went wrong with that notorious ballot.

The guy did a linear regression on Buchanan votes vs. Gore votes, Buchanan votes vs. Bush votes, and Buchanan votes vs. total votes. If you don't know what that means, it's OK. Basically, on those graphs there, the dot marked "Palm Beach County" should be more in a line with the other dots, and less up in the stratosphere.

Of course, even though 80% of modern science is based on this kind of analysis -- often with much less concrete underlying data -- there's probably some Southern Republican flak who'd question the whole thing. "Elections are not about what probably will happen, but what the people actually do." That kind of thing.

Anyways, check the graphs, smiley.

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