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What's in, What's out - Version 2001
2001-01-21 21:30:22

An Ethologist's Notebook
The 9/16 wrench: simple in form, near universal in function, and missingfrom every goddamn toolbox I've ever owned, borrowed or stolen.
-- gomonk


So yesterday George "Dubbya" Bush, took the oath of office and became the 43th President of the United States of America. Naturally a new administration in Washington means that there will be a lot of changes and so Pigdog is here to tell you what fads faded into the past with the retirement of Bill Clinton and what are now the hottest trends in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Lyin' Inability to count
Aggressive, no nonsense wife Cookie baking wife
Oval Office sex No sex, period
Right wing Clinton bashing Left wing whining
Corporate greed Extreme corporate greed
What's left of the Bill of Rights Corporate Rights
Laughable National Energy Policy Energy Policy??? We don't need no stinkin' Energy Policy! What we need are more oil wells
Homely daughters Cuter daughters, but not as fine as Gore's
Workaholic President Best naps since the Reagan era
Problems understanding what the word "is" means Problems understanding what any words mean
Arkansas Meth Texas Coke

Don't ask, Don't Tell

Homophobia... but it's OK, because the Bible says so
Legal Abortion Death penalty for abortionists
Debt reduction Tax cuts for the wealthy
Balanced Supreme Court Radical right court that attempts to return the U.S. to the 18th century
Governor Death President Death
Boring, banal VP VP that runs the country
No more welfare Much more corporate welfare
Lip service about helping the poor Government assistance to the wealthy too so that the top 1% can go from owning 80% of the wealth to 99%
Ranting right wing talk show hosts Left wing protest marches ending in riots
East Coast liberal intellectuals Texas rednecks
Gun control Mandatory gun ownership
God every Sunday Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and more Jesus every damn day of the week
Horrible, misguided and unwinable War on Drugs Horrible, misguided and unwinable War on Drugs minus any sort of treatment programs
Sophisticated attempts to disenfranchise unliked minorities Jailing of all minorities as it was gonna happen anyway and this will save a lot of time and effort on trials and evidence fabrication
A government that pretended to care HAHAHAHAHA

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