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Woman Forced to Drink Own Breast Milk

by Baron Earl

2002-08-09 21:38:43

One recent addition to airport security measures has been to force passengers to take a sip from any open containers of liquids they may be carrying, to prove that the liquid is harmless. The law of unintended consequences was in full force when a Long Island woman was forced to drink from each of three bottles of her own breast milk in front of other passengers before boarding her plane.

I pity the lab technician who tries to board a plane with a case full of urine samples.

New York "civil rights lawyer" and talk radio personality Ron Kuby stated that "I'm all for random searches... but I do think the number of Caucasian, lactating mothers who have passed through al Qaeda training camps is negligible."

In some circles this is known as the "Please don't search me, I'm white" line of reasoning.

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