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Share the Love and Be Proud!

by Dr. Biggles

2005-12-20 09:39:27

Personally I've never discrimated against women for their breast size, I think every last one of them are great. And I've always considered it a great honor to see and/or play with women's breasts. So it was with great excitement when I saw the url

I've always attempted to be a positive person. You know, one of those annoying half glass full people? I enjoy where I am and -- so far -- how my body has treated me over the years, which I believe is pretty darned good considering how I've treated it. But there are people out there who are not content in their surroundings or their bodies. Their breasts are too small, lopsided or too large. "Nobody notices me," they say. Or, "My back hurts." And off they go to the surgeon to get these wrongs righted.

Cherry Brady has taken a stand and put up a web site dedicated to banning the breast reduction.

She's been discrimated against, had horrible things said about her to her face and muttered behind her. Enjoying a relaxing, sunny afternoon at the pool in a bikini became a thing of the past. This all due to other's insensitive comments, how rude. Especially in a country where we extoll the virtues of a tolerant and just nation. Clearly we have a long way to come. It wasn't until a kind, older gentleman in a gym saw how Cherry was hunched over and attempting to hide herself. In a nutshell, he said to stand tall and be proud of who you are and how God made you, and ever since Cherry has been a far happier person when she finally realized it was okay to have large, natural breasts.

In Cherry's new site, she goes over the points of contention about large, natural breasts and people's justifications for reducing them via surgery. Such as back problems, being saggy, clothes don't fit, hard to find bras, hard to exercise, shoulder grooves and being lopsided. In each argument she offers solutions and one of which being losing weight. This will not only reduce breast size, but give you new-found energy for life.

Being healthy leads to happiness, and being happy is what life is all about. Don't you agree? So reconsider your breast reduction surgery, it may not be your breasts fault that you're miserable. Instead try Cherry's own words and mantra, "I like your breasts! ... Just The Way They Are!"


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