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Vegas Strippers Need Economic "Stimulus"
2001-11-27 12:50:57

The Nekkid Truth
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-- Head Freezin' Gene


There's "a lot of laps not being danced on," notes a Las Vegas columnist. Apparently the economic downturn in the wake of September 11 has even hit Vegas's famous strip clubs.

Of course, according to this article the most successful dancers earn $200,000 a year, so the dancers won't exactly be starving to death. And besides, says the proprietor of a Vegas strip club: "Some customers, they like skinny girls."

But amazingly, even Comdex hasn't brought in enough horny guys. The concerned columnist went straight to the mayor of Las Vegas, who -- I swear to god -- had this to say.

"Right now, I'm going to urge all able-bodied constituents to go out and have a lap dance."

If we don't -- the terrorists have already won.

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