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Noelle Snatched Underwear?

by El Destino

2002-02-01 10:14:58

This time the Florida girl gone wild had apparently decided to knock over a Penney's, or at least snatch some underwear. In 1995 "Noell Bush" was caught, arrested, and sentenced to a $305 fine. The person arrested attended a boarding school where it's been confirmed that, yes, the governor's daughter was enrolled. "Noell" even has the same name and birthdate.

A paper in Flagstaff broke the news Thursday -- yet other news outlets won't touch it. Florida officials released her from jail because they thought she had a clean record. Now they're thinking she's going to need a bail bondsman. Why this vast journalistic conspiracy of silence? While the Florida judicial system processes the new information on yet-another Bush family scandal, the newspapers obligingly look away...

It's been said any whiff of scandal involving liberal politicians gets vetted and pumped up through a pipeline of conservative pundits -- but that there's no corresponding fluffers for Bush-bashing. Add aggressive stone-walling from the Bush family, and you get a press corp that's cowed into submission.

All signs suggest reporters should steel themselves for more controversy in the future. Noelle's release was part of a program to lessen jail crowding by not detaining any Bush daughters gone loco if it's their first offense. The obvious conclusion, of course, is that there's more to come.

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