Jenna Bush, Super Lesbian
2001-08-06 03:23:43

Bush Family Hijinx
Mississippi should teach their high school kids not to get in cars piloted by huge, sweaty, satan-worshipping freaks on mescaline.
-- Ratsnatcher


Is the President's hard-drinking daughter also a lesbian? The National Enquirer seems to think so. "On at least two occasions, she engaged in passionate 'make-out sessions" with another girl as friends watched," they report this week...

Publishing photos from a wild Holllywood party just a few weeks ago, the Enquirer shows Jenna wrapping her arms around two female friends. But the tabloid had also apparently been interviewing Jenna's former classmates. "Jenna's first make-out session with a girl came at a high school senior party last year in Texas, a fellow student told The ENQUIRER.

"We were all pretty drunk and the guys kept egging Jenna on to make out with her good friend," the paper quotes the student as saying. "The two of them sat on a couch and began to kiss. The guys were cheering. But as I watched them, they really got into it.

"They were tongue-kissing and it went on for quite a while."

And Jenna's been spotted going back for more and more Sappho action, the Enquirer reports. "I chalked it up to the drinking but a few months later, a bunch of us were at the beach together. Again, everybody was drinking and the guys urged Jenna and her friend to get it on. They did, kissing and wrapping their arms around each other in front of everyone!"

Now take another look at the photo. Is that hot blond lowering her mouth to Jenna's for some lusty lip-lock?

You can almost hear the nation cheering her on en masse. "Go, Jenna, Go! You don't gotta take no shit from your father, or the Republican party, or the Texas Bureau of Alcohol! Or those close-minded squares who can't dig the beauty of your young same-sex passion. Go, girl! Go!"

And joining the chorus, the Enquirer photo caption reminds us that "Drinks litter the table as underage Jenna and her pals party up a storm..."

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