Jenna Bush Loves Naked Lesbian Strippers
2001-08-01 13:25:22

Bush Family Hijinx
Only punks beat women and kick their dogs
-- HST


Jenna Bush is a stripper-ogling lesbian. The hot Bush daughter just can't get enough of those live naked girls, according to a New York newspaper...

The wild 19-year-old is spending her summer in Hollywood, working as an "intern" -- if you know what I mean... The lurid "talent" agency apparently turned her on to a whole new scene, including crazed birthday parties with decadent Hollywood excess -- and live strippers!

It looks like Jenna's abandoned the dry oilfields of Texas for Hollywood's fast lane, and her erotic awakening includes opportunities to savor hardcore X-rated action -- live!

Okay, there's no evidence that the firebrand First Daughter is craving hot girl-girl action herself -- or even that she stared in a crazed lusty trance as the writhing naked hardbodies grinded their pelvises to pulsating Hollywood beats. Maybe she's not harboring steamy incestuous thoughts about her twin sister Barbara.

But libertine cultural currents are a fact of life in the land of the free, drowning even the president's family in waves of sexy temptation. Even as her father diverts federal money from contraception to religion-based drives for abstinence, Jenna may be shoving a twenty down a slithery blond's G-string.

And a lusty electorate cheers....

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