! Fucking art fucking fucks!
1999-10-18 22:51:00

Art Fux
I like this gun.
-- Master Squid


Man, I've had this URL at the bottom of my basket for a LONG time. is a weird place. I just don't know. It doesn't make any sense, and everybody's already had a link to it. BUT I LOVE IT!!!!

You just have to dig this site. It's the FREAK. It's WEIRD. It's got PARASITIC JAVASCRIPT that, instead of putting crazy PORN ADS with hot Japan ass action on it, sends squirrely Netscape windows skidding around the corners of your screen, and blipping, blinking crazy script that looks like bad modem noise. Just a BIT of information, but not enough to make any sense.

And this big CRAZY MAP! That's what the most crazy part is. That MAP! See, there's this BIG ASS DIAGRAM with circles and networks of lines implying some kind of ORGANIZATION and little boxes and RABBITS and stuff that are links to crazy hacker sites like Dutch Threat and bad brainfucker sites like RTMark.

What's the DEAL? I dunno. I was doing some hitmongering by trying to get on the big crazy map:

Subject: HEY!
Jesus FUCK! Whaddaya WANT from us?
~Mr. Bad

Here's what I got back:

From: JODI
To: "Mr. Bad"
Subject: Re: HEY!

    J us=EX; Sad crazineaCFss ensues. Yet another
fabulous PIrkeley../~GDOV VFNTERVIEK!

   Whaddaya WANT fro .com/us//~R#!?

<     http://wSww.pSVFigdog.Sforg/

~M. sVGSSSg MxSad

See what I'm talking about? JODI is a big FREAK. I feel vaguely insulted, actually.

ANywaYS, there's been lots of puzzling about this site in many other venues. I was kinda thinking I'd do this daring expose', with all kinds of adventurous investigative reporting, and I even got so far as to do a WHOIS look up. And then it hit me: JODI is DUTCH. DUTCH!!!!! This is all I needed to know. FREAKS!! It explains everything.

So, go check out, explore around, and be prepared to close your browser window. This is viewer-hostile Web art.

Over.  End of Story.  Go home now.

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